Regular Divisions of the Bible

V.  Regular Divisions of the Bible
      A.  Old Testament Comprised of 39 Books
            1.  5 books of Law - Genesis through Deuteronomy
                  a)  These trace God's dealings with the first man
                        Adam to the death of Moses
                  b)  They also reveal God as the Creator of all
            2.  12 books of History - Joshua through Esther
                  a)  These account the history of God's work with Israel,
                        God's chosen people under the Old Testament
                  b)  They also show the preparing of the world for
                        Christ's coming
            3.  5 books of Devotion/Poetry - Job through Song of Solomon
                  a)  These include the songs and wise sayings of Israel
                  b)  They also were the Hebrew books of worship and devotion
            4.  5 books of Major Prophets - Isaiah through Daniel
                  a)  The prophets were distinct and fearless messengers for
                         their day
                  b)  They also contain hundreds of prophecies in regard to the
                        coming of Christ and the new kingdom that would be
                        established under the New Testament
            5.  12 books of Minor Prophets - Hosea through Malachi
                  a)  These books are usually shorter then the major prophets
                  b)  They also contain prophecies in regard to the coming of
                        Christ and the establishing of the new kingdom under His
      B.  New Testament Comprised of 27 Books 
            1.  4 books of Biography also known as the Gospels - Matthew
                  through John
                  a)  These prove that Jesus is the promised Messiah
                  b)  They prove that Jesus is the Son of God
            2.  1 book of History - Acts
                  a)  This book shows what people did in order to become
                        a Christian
                  b)  It also records the growth and development of the
                        early church
            3.  14 special Letters/Epistles - Romans through Hebrews
                  a)  These show how to handle problems in the church
                  b)  They reveal how to handle problems in the individual life
                  c)  They teach how one may grow and mature as a Christian
            4.  7 general Letters/Epistles - James through Jude
                  a)  These, like the special letters, also teach how to deal
                        with various problems and trials in life
                  b)  They, like the special letters, serve as reminders that
                        we are to live according to the example of Jesus Christ
                        [I Peter 2:21]  
                5.  1 book of Prophecy - Revelation
                  a)  John addresses the 7 churches of Asia that existed in his day
                  b)  The Christians addressed in this letter were reminded that
                        no matter the test or trial, God is faithful to those who are
                        faithful to Him
                  c)  The overall theme of Revelation is 'be faithful unto death'
                        and the crown of life is assured [Revelation 2:10]